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JEN by Shangri-La

Creating a brand for the iconic JEN by Shangri-La Hotel group, designed for today’s highly-driven pacesetters hungry to explore all that Asia has to offer.

Part of the iconic Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts Group, JEN was born from an ambition to connect the world to the energy and dynamism of Asia’s megacities. We designed a brand and an innovative dual-language identity that seamlessly speaks to Chinese- and English-speaking audiences, created to champion the culture, conversations and communities driving the region today.


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Every Hotel JEN is a destination in itself. One that captures the distinctive rhythms and flavours of its neighbourhood, inviting travellers to experience the soul of the city, not only through the property itself, but through its cultural heart the hotels create with carefully curated events, nuanced to their own audiences.

An innovative dual-language logo sits at the heart of the new visual identity. The Chinese character 仁 (rén), which represents benevolence and harmony, has been seamlessly combined into the brand name to build inclusivity for Chinese- and English-speaking travellers alike.

We partnered with up-and-coming photographers, Tristan Zhou and Vivien Liu, to create a distinct photographic style, while the vibrant launch film, along with an array of digital and physical touchpoints, designed to further bring the new JEN brand to its audiences. The new look and identity encourage local immersion, global connections and cross-cultural collaboration at every stage of the brand experience. A brand that feels at home wherever it arrives.