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Iberdrola unveils refreshed brand identity

Date 2023-06-02

Iberdrola has unveiled its new brand identity, a project that led by Design Bridge and Partners. Marked by modernity and evolution, the new image reflects the reality of the company from a sustainable and innovative perspective as a world leader in renewable energy that progresses with the needs of society.

Once again, Iberdrola’s Brand team has partnered with Design Bridge and Partners for the strategic development of a new brand that represents the current situation of the company. As a result, a new image based on the current logo has been launched to keep the company recognisable and to act as a link between all the countries in which Iberdrola operates. The new image will be first implemented digitally and will be later adapted to physical formats.

The company’s brand identity has evolved to reinforce its sustainable DNA and to convey its commitment to remain digital, close, and modern. In doing so, Iberdrola confirms its goal of positioning itself as a trailblazer in decarbonisation and people’s well-being.

Likewise, the brand evolution faithfully reflects Iberdrola’s reality as a key player in the electrification of the economy that seeks to encourage society to care for and give back to the planet, and as a brand that evolves and always takes a step forward by pursuing ambitious goals, such as reaching neutral emissions by 2030, and supporting one of the most important SDGs.

“The goal has been to revitalize Iberdrola’s image to provide it with a more modern, digital, and friendly expression. And the only way to achieve this is sustainability. Therefore, we have relied on all the knowledge of sustainable digital design to generate resources that help the brand keep walking in that direction.”

— Emilio Jiménez, Creative director de Design Bridge and Partners

The new logo evolved from the previous one so that it can be more easily applied by generating greater contrast and better visualization on digital media, which results in a simpler and more accessible visual language. The symbol links all the countries in which Iberdrola operates under other brands, such as Avangrid in the United States, Neoenergia in Brazil and Scottish Power in the United Kingdom. In addition, it is 50% lighter, which guarantees lower energy consumption, faster download speeds and, consequently, savings on energy, costs, and time.

The rest of the visual resources have also been redesigned to improve the application of the brand, contribute to carbon footprint reduction, decrease energy consumption, encourage a simpler use, and establish design application standards to support implementation, from eco-design and the choice of materials to waste reduction, energy saving or local production.

On the other hand, the chosen color palette represents Iberdrola's vision of the world and its commitment to the planet, and results in the association of the brand with three key elements of its value proposition: renewable energy (green); water (blue); and the sun (orange).

Finally, the font family that has been applied to the new brand is IberPangea, whose nature is more variable, efficient, and legible, and which was designed to work effectively digitally and offline.

“The last few years of collaboration between Iberdrola’s Brand team and Design Bridge and Partners as well as their deep knowledge of the brand and the company have resulted in the evolution of a corporate identity in line with Iberdrola’s reality today and tomorrow.”

— Aurea Galindo, Executive Client Director of Design Bridge and Partners