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Designing a brand for a handcrafted olive oil, Padre, or ‘Father’ in Italian, from a family-owned artisanal olive oil farm in Puglia, that celebrates familial bond and their connection to the land.

Agricola Dargenio is a family-owned Italian organic olive farm in Puglia, Italy, steeped in tradition. When Emanuela Dargenio, the granddaughter of the founder, proudly took over the reins of the business, she brought with her a unique vision: to continue her family legacy but with a spirit of modernity and creativity. Padre celebrates the story of Emanuela’s father, taking care of the farm, nourishing the land, living in harmony with nature. A personal mark of the maker, ‘As One with the Olive’.


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The new brand is designed to tell the story of the life of Emanuela’s father, living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the farm; taking care of each olive tree, respecting and nourishing the land. The identity is a hand-drawn signature, a personal mark of the maker, ‘As One With the Olive’.

The visual language is formed from a pencil sketch of a farmer’s hand, rough from the labour of the land, and a delicate olive branch, intentionally disconnected on the bottle label to express the ‘made by hand’ craftsmanship.