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Greene King

Creating a packaging design for Greene King, Britain’s iconic brewery, that celebrates its 200-year heritage and the eccentric myths and legends of British history, with a modern twist.

Since 1799, Greene King has been crafting fine ales from its original brewery in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, producing Britain’s most loved ales for generations. But the fine art of beer making has changed in the past decade, with countless start-up breweries launching disruptive and eye-catching brands, seducing beer drinkers with new, refreshing experiences. With so many new beers in the world, Greene King needed to reassert what makes it distinctive. After all, what other brands have been at the heart of British culture for over 200 years?


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We created a design language that celebrates Greene King’s heritage and age, and the eccentric myths and legends of British history, steeped in folklore, through design.

We created playful illustrations inspired by historic woodcuts of ancient printmaking, with added vibrant colour combinations and bespoke typographical personalities, accentuating the quirks of historic typefaces to give them a modern twist.

Level Head, a session IPA, playfully nods to the legend of St. Edmund, who lost his head to the Vikings but miraculously found it again. The design shows his head detached from his body, portraying a perfectly executed beer.

Flint Eye, a sharp, crisp lager, takes inspiration from Neolithic arrows found near Greene King breweries, in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Western Zeph celebrates the West country pilgrims who set sail for America, accompanied by the refreshing Zephyr or light wind. This IPA lightly links west country hops with American west coast-style pale ale.

SubTerranea is inspired by the story of a fiddler who loudly played his tunes to ensure that he didn't get lost in the tunnels underneath Bury St. Edmunds; the deep and intense oatmeal stout, which invites consumers to get lost in its depths.