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Date 2023-08-24

8月29日,Design Bridge and Partners扬特设计同盟诚挚地邀请您,与我们一起共同探讨设计在创造可持续未来方面所能扮演的角色。

Design Bridge and Partners invites you to a panel event on 29th August, to learn the role design can play in creating a continuous future.


Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Brands that put success before people and the planet don’t succeed at all. What can you do to make a real difference? How can you define strategies that are specific and measurable, both incremental and radical, to solve known problems?

在Design Bridge and Partners,我们相信,不论你身在哪一个行业,无论你面对何种挑战,想要创造有意义的改变,设计是你最有力的手段。因为,“设计”始终致力于找寻最佳的解决方案。它无惧挑战既有的传统、预设的期待或是既定的需求。“设计”在解决具体问题的同时,也在持续努力地改善着人类与地球的现状。

At Design Bridge and Partners, we believe design is your most powerful means of driving positive change. Whatever the business. Whatever the challenge. Because design is focused on finding the absolute best solution. Unafraid to challenge conventions, expectations, or the brief. Design is very often about improving the state of the world for people and the planet, as well as solving specific problems.

此次「设计」可持续「创新」论坛,由Design Bridge and Partners扬特设计同盟中国区董事总经理Nikki Lin女士代表,邀请您与我们携手,与业内专家和嘉宾们一起探索新的路径,透过设计在品牌建设与“可持续发展”之间建立起值得信赖且极具影响力的联结。

Join us for a panel event led by Nikki Lin, Managing Director, Design Bridge and Partners China, with industry experts, to explore how taking a fresh approach to design can build credible, impactful connections between sustainability and brand.


The session will give you an opportunity to network, learn and share your thoughts around the future of your brand sustainability strategies.

Design a Continuous Future「设计」可持续「创新」论坛

活动日期 Date:2023年8月29日 29th August, 2023

活动时间 Time:14:00-16:00 (CST)

线下参与 Venue:WPP Shanghai Campus 6楼,清+明会议室 Room Qing and Ming, 6F, WPP Shanghai Campus


Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance.

会议议程 Agenda

14:00-14:10: Opening 开场
Nikki Lin, Managing Director, Design Bridge and Partner China Nikki Lin,扬特设计同盟 中国区董事总经理

14:10-14:40: Sustainability X Design, our POV and best practices 可持续发展 X 设计:我们的观点与案例分享
Wenxi Chen, Executive Creative Director, Design Bridge and Partners China 陈雯西,扬特设计同盟 执行创意总监

*14:40-15:30: Panellist Sharing 嘉宾分享 Moderator: Ray Lan, Executive Creative Director, Design Bridge and Partners China Panellists:
Eric Yu, Marketing Director, Kraft Heinz China Chinese Sauce
Michelle Yu, Associate Director of Sustainability, Oatly
Nina Ma, Co-founder & COO, Panda Guide
William Wei, Director of Brand & Creative Practice, Kantar Insights, Shanghai China 主持人: 蓝弘远,扬特设计同盟 执行创意总监

15:30-16:00: Open discussion, Q&A 互动与提问

现场参与的各位嘉宾可自带饮料杯,与我们一起为“可持续发展”贡献自己的力量。 Please bring your own mug or cup and join us to create a continuous future, together.